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Golan Plastic Products maintains the highest standards and quality.
Our pipes have been approved by numerous international standardization and testing institutes, and approved for use in potable water systems and piping systems for gas, chemicals and abrasive materials.

PE-Xa Pipes

Manufactured of a special quality polyethylene resin designed for sanitary applications as well as for water distribution and service lines.

OEM PE-Xc Pipes

PE-Xc Pipes

PE-Xc pipes are cross-linked using an electronic irradiation process known as “cold cross-linking”.

The cross-linking of the molecules is done after the process of extrusion by exposing the pipe to a high voltage electron beam.

PE-RT Pipes

We also manufacture PE-RT pipes (Polyethylene for Raised Temperature resistance) with long-term hydrostatic strength and flexibility to provide the most extensive product range.


Multilayer Pipes

Composite pipe comprised of 5 layers, combining advantages of different materials for a stronger pipe solution.

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